About Us


Our Core Value

Our approach is to have our audience and community join us on the Journey in pursuit of making the most of the moments in our everyday lives.  A sought of Transendence; that is needed to build up the resilience in the day to day trials that we tend to have.  On this journey I hope we will learn together how linger in the pleasant moments that keep you motivated to get the fullest out of the day  in your life.

Our Story

My formal training-finishing my fine art degree at an art school has cause me to garner a very specific experience on how art can be use in therapy. this came full circle when I decided to create my own concept collection of highfashion sweatshirts in 2015.

Here customers had their first taste my fine art stlyle when they received  a collectable postcard that came along with each purchase. It was then I  was able to show in galleries in Philadelphia. And now I have even more items I like to call, LOVE paraphernalia. Including other items to leave the readers with a little something to  remember that moment by.


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