Filtering Through the Suffering

Now that I have shown you to the type of wavelength Im on, It’s easy to see that I’m not just an artist that is overly obsessed with how  his work performs. Like most people I’m just trying to live life and not be  so devastated from the “bad news” that we all encounter in or daily lives. The “suffering” of the world has bombard us with Too Much Information, all at once.  Of course  I’m going to need to catch up on the world view of things but these days a filter of all that Information is needed.

These days,  what I call social Media Purge is often needed for us to feel like we have control over these kinds of information that tries to knock us off our square; and to really live like we  mean it. At least I do this to help me stay grounded and close to my core. 

This way I can renew my focus and be In control of the type of information I am tuning into.


And once you have done that tuning you can be able to “do something” about and have more influence  over the suffering once you have the built up  mental stamina to face the world itself. The last time Ive purgedI ended up with 25 facebook friends: followed 10 people on instagram and stayed away from music apps that follow a certain type of algorithm  of rotation for music like, Music choice stations that comes with cable. All in the name of SELF CARE”.

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