The Fact of Selfishness

Now  Last week I  introduced you to a different part of what you were accustomed to get from me, a multi disciplined  artist and maker. That I am open enough to show just how much LOVE I put in to the projects and pieces I make. But. Enough about me, how are you guys holding up and how are you taking the time to enjoy the everyday moments in your life.

I have to admit that I have been slacking in that aspect of my self care. Hoping to get back on the horse, paying attention to the real love affair in my life. Which is with myself. I’m trying to get back to where I used to be where life was just plethora of moments back to back; Not so nuance  as it is now.

I must say back then was a little different. I was very selfish with my time; Minding own business working on my skills as a maker. Hopefully at this point I have the zeal to share with you guys the finesse of using different life hacks to not just share yourself but making sure that your LOVE LIFE is for your self first. To get to know what you like and what you want from this life; whether it’s taking the time to feed your soul in a heathy way or feeling in control of what you are feeding on.

P.S. Feed the panda Post Card coming this Black Friday.

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